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Software localisation industry and apps

Thanks to our translation agency's specialisation in technical translations, we also often receive orders for software translations (or software localisation as it is called in technical jargon) for industry of machinery and equipment. It has long been common practice for the operation of machines to be carried out in the respective national language. Russian, like other languages we translate into such as Polnish, Chinese, Czech, Hungarian and more, are also included.
In most cases we translate both the technical documentation and the software itself, which is an ideal case for all translators. In this way, we can translate the software in context so that it is completely in line with the documentation. It is a little more complicated when the software and the documentation are handled by two different translators. But even in such cases we use all our experience.

Good translators think ahead

Our great experience as software translators allows us to save a lot of time and sometimes trouble for the client in adapting the software, because we think along with the client during the translation. We know everything in advance about the size of the control fields, length of the menus and how to abbreviate the translation correctly and sensibly if necessary without compromising the quality of the information presented. Our translation of industrial software requires hardly any reworking and corrections, which saves time and also costs for the customer. We are familiar with the special features of HMI and visualisation.

Software localisation of machines and plants

Even more important in software localisation is that the translation of the user interface is the same as the translation of the elements in the accompanying operating instructions. In these cases, it is often necessary to constantly exchange information with the customer to ensure that there are no differences in the translation. Especially when the software localisation and the translation of the documentation run in parallel, which often happens. We always find it good to be able to communicate directly with the customer's programmer; this makes the work easier for all of us and for the customer to later operate the machine without any problems.

Software localisation of PC applications

PC software localisation is also no stranger to us. Our highly qualified translators with the appropriate experience will make your PC applications look good in all foreign languages. We translate your software using special tools, e.g. SDL Passolo from Trados or Alchemy Catalyst. If you send us your software for editing, as is the case with some clients, we use it because all the translators in our translation agency are advanced PC users. Sometimes, however, we simply need to translate the software in a prepared form in an Excel spreadsheet. This is the easiest task for all translators. But even in this case, care must be taken, because translators often have to find short but correct phrases. 

Translation of iOS apps and Android apps 

It goes without saying that we are able to translate software for any subject area, and not just in the technical field. We localise your apps for iPhone and Android gadgets on all subjects such as games, health, fitness, nutrition, education, foreign languages, travel, housing, internet shops. We perform such app translation in all language combinations that our office offers: Russian, Chinese, Polish, Czech, etc.

Localisation of help documents

We have just as much experience from our many years of work in translating online help documents. For this we use software such as DocToHelp or other tools, often provided by our clients themselves. In this case, too, we use CAT tools such as Trados and Across for reliable and quality translations.

We test your software under both Russian, English and other Windows versions, because they are the most widely used operating systems in Russia and other countries.

Our largest recent localisation projects

- Software localisation woodworking machines Lithuanian
- Software localisation energy plants Hungarian
- Software localisation energy plants Romanian
- Software localisation energy plants Russian
- Software localisation woodworking machinery Russian
- Software localisation energy plants Lithuanian
- Software localisation energy plants Latvian
- Software localisation extruders Chinese 
- software localisation extruders Polish
- software localisation extruders Russian
- software localisation milling machines polish
- Software localisation milling machines Czech
- Software localisation coffee machines Russian
- Software localisation roasting machines Russian
- Software localisation building systems Chinese
- Software localisation building systems engineering Russian
- Software localisation communication software Russian
- Software localisation printers Ukrainian
- Software localisation thermal printer Polish
- Software localisation thermal printer Russian
These are really large projects with volumes from approx. 10 thousand words, smaller orders are not shown here.