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Translation quality assurance

Our high quality standards are well known to all our clients and are highly appreciated by them. Translation quality cannot be taken for granted and is not possible without the efforts of all parties involved. How do we achieve this quality? Behind it are many years of our experience.

Translation project management

For years we have been using tried and tested management tools to control the flow of translation processes. This means we always have an overview of ongoing projects and other deadlines. We are also planning a seamless transition to another programme with a web interface. Our clients will also have access to this programme to check on the status of their orders.

Order placement

The boss or one of the project managers decides who will take on the job, depending on many factors:

- Salaried employees for general subjects such as technology, economics, law
- Freelancers for areas such as pharmaceuticals, medicine, medical technology
- One translator for a normal scope and timeframe
- A team of translators on a tight deadline


In most cases, it is carried out using CAT tools (SDL Trados, Across, memoQ). We use the client's terminology, if available, or use our own databases, which we have been compiling and maintaining for years. Each long-term customer has his own "personal" translator who takes on his assignments and is well trained. This ensures that the quality of the translated documents remains at a high level.

It is important to note that only translators who are well versed in the subject matter are allowed to translate. With us, a technical translator never translates advertising brochures or business reports. Just as a medical text is translated or at least proofread by a doctor. Specialisation is one of the basics of a good translation.

Translation of large projects

This type of translation, usually of a technical nature, always requires special attention. Even if only two translators are working on it, an attentive reader can always discover two different texts translated, albeit in minor details. In the case of technical documents, there is a risk that the terminology may also be translated slightly differently. For this reason, the translation of the two (or more) translators is proofread by a third person. Either a proofreader or one of the two (or more) translators on this project does this for us.


All translations are always 100% proofread. That is why we have talked about the people involved. Our proofreaders are experienced translators themselves. Proofreading takes place in two phases:

Phase 1: Text analysis with Errorspy, a tool that finds errors such as forgotten text or inconsistent terminology.
Phase 2: Reading the text and comparing it with the original. Correction of stylistic and grammatical errors.

DIN EN ISO Standard 17100:2016-05

Our translation agency carries out all translations in accordance with DIN EN ISO standard 17100:2016-05 (registration number 7U433). This means that the quality of our translations meets the strictest international standards and that you as a customer can trust this.