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Multilingual projects

For our customers, translation of multilingual projects means that we carry out translations into all the most important languages of technology, business and medicine. This includes not only Eastern European languages, but also Western European and Asian languages. In this way, we relieve the client, who does not have to worry about every single translation.

Our capacities

We decide for each project how it will be carried out: how many translators and proofreaders will be used, whether one translator per language and project is required or several specialists. The latter is undesirable, but under certain circumstances, when deadlines are tight, it may be necessary.

The process

We work on projects involving translation into the languages of Eastern Europe on a regular basis and never have any problems providing translation in several languages at the same time. Whether one document or several documents are translated into two or ten languages, we manage everything with our usual high quality.

Project references

Our completed projects, which give a clear idea of our capabilities, include both individual projects and those that are translated into several languages at the same time. We will be happy to advise you on your project and answer any questions you may have even before your enquiry.

Translations for Czech, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian & Lithuanian - we can help!

In recent years, relations between German and international companies have grown. If you want to communicate well in a foreign country, you usually need a translator to do so. The translation of important documents should also always be carried out by qualified professionals. This is because documents, records or important papers are often needed to be presented to offices and authorities. Here, the translations must be error-free in order to rule out misunderstandings. Moreover, someone who does not speak the language cannot check whether the translation has been done without errors. Certified translators are important here, as they can perform error-free work. 

Czech translations 

Certified translations in Czech are needed when German authorities and offices require translations in Czech of certificates, documents, birth or marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees or diplomas, for example. As a rule, certified translations in Czech are recognised in the Czech Republic. Error-free translations in Czech are also required for technical documents, correspondence from companies or contracts; the best knowledge of the required language is important here. All translations are proofread to avoid serious translation errors. 

Translations Croatian 

In order to ensure error-free translations in Croatian, native and foreign speakers are consulted, as each language has different idioms and word combinations, the translations of which in Croatian are often difficult. A native speaker has grown up with the language in question and can then translate and rephrase the relevant text passages in the Croatian translations. In this way, the content of the text is made clear and experienced linguists ensure that the translations in Croatian can be completed without errors. This is because translations into Croatian are important in order to be able to submit applications to offices and authorities or to be able to communicate with business partners. 

Translations in Hungarian

Professional translators for translations into Hungarian ensure that translations into Hungarian are recognised by all authorities, banks or business partners. Translations in Hungarian require experienced and qualified staff to ensure that the translations in Hungarian are delivered error-free. Because fatal misunderstandings can easily occur, all translations in Hungarian are proofread before being passed on to avoid mistakes. 

Romanian translations

Clients should always have confidence in Romanian translations, because if you don't know the language, you can't control Romanian translations. Skilled and professional employees ensure error-free translations in Romanian. All work is then checked again to avoid mistakes in Romanian translations. We produce hundreds of professional Romanian translations every year and at the same time we ensure that all our clients receive an error-free translation for their needs.