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SDL Trados Studio 2019

Ost-Express Übersetzungen
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42111 Wuppertal
E-Mail: info@ost-express.com

Formats and software

We process all common formats used today for mainly technical translations into Russian and other languages. For all other documents, we usually use MS Word. Practically all of our translators can handle several programmes professionally. For some complicated projects we use our DTP specialists. 

The most important formats

Extension   Software    We translate with...
.doc, .docx    Word    MS Word or
SDL Trados -> reformatting in Word
.xls, .xlsx   Excel    MS Excel or
SDL Trados -> reformatting in Excel
.ppt, .pptx    Powerpoint   MS Powerpoint or
SDL Trados -> reformatting in Powerpoint
.qxd, .qxp   QuarkXPress   QuarkXPress 8 in overwrite mode or export to .ttx -> translation with Trados
.indd, .idml   InDesign   Adobe InDesign or export to .inx or .idml - > Trados
.fm, .mif    Framemaker   Adobe Framemaker 10 with SDL Trados Studio 2019/2021 (mif files), checking formatting in Framemaker
.dwg, .dxf    AutoCAD    AutoCAD (various versions) in overwrite mode
.xml   verschiedene   SDL Trados for large files, xml editor in overwrite mode for smaller documents
.tif, .jpg   verschiedene   Adobe Photoshop in overwrite mode
.mpp    MS Project    Microsoft Project in overwrite mode
.pdf   verschiedene    1) Directly in Adobe Acrobat Professional
2) OCR recognition -> translation in Word
3) Save as bitmap -> overwrite in Photoshop
.eps, .ai    Illustrator     Adobe Illustrator 
.key   Keynote   Apple Keynote

Is your format or software not included?

It is possible that your software is not listed in the table. Please ask us, we will surely find the necessary programme for you. In any case, our customers always receive print-ready documents. Whether for proper printing in the print shop or for online use, be it a presentation or web presence, is up to the customer.

This applies to all language pairs we offer, regardless of the language direction. We handle every language professionally.

Translation of PDF files

We often receive files in PDF format for translation, especially for technical projects. Usually the clients want to get back the same looking document translated. We usually achieve this by creating a new document in Adobe InDesign and transferring all text, diagrams, graphics into the new file. The result looks like a full copy of the original, just in a different language.

On your request, we can send you some examples in advance so that you can see how this task can also be mastered. The translated PDF files even look better than the original documents.

Translation of drawings

Perhaps not all colleagues share our opinion, but we think little of attempts to translate drawings by exporting and importing the texts. This does not save time or the expected savings, because reformatting takes too much time. Our experience shows that overwriting the texts directly in the drawings is the best solution.

How to edit xml files

The xml files are widely used in Europe in the so-called editorial systems. The best tools for translation are CAT tools, they handle them best. Very rarely we use xml editors for this, like Notepad++, to overwrite very small texts directly.