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Translations Eastern Europe and Asia

Translations agency Ost-Express has been known to the professional world since 2001 for high-quality technical and legal translations in German-Russian, English-Russian as well as Russian-German and Russian-English, especially in the German-speaking countries that have cooperated with Russia. Later, translations into Eastern European and Asian languages were added. More than 60% of all translation orders in our office are technical translations. 

Ost-Express translators have in-depth knowledge of various technical fields from mechanical engineering to electronics and specialise in technical and legal translations. For a technical translation of high quality, the experience of the translator is of utmost importance and this experience is possessed by every translator in our translation agency, whether a Russian, Polish or Chinese translator. 

Technical specialisation

Technical translations are different from "common language" translations, and this applies to translations into all languages, whether Russian, Czech or Chinese. Because here, experts write for experts. Therefore, in addition to perfect language skills, extensive technical knowledge is required, which can only be acquired through additional technical training and/or many years of practical experience. And our translators have that.

What can we translate for you?

We translate into Russian and other languages texts from the following specialist areas:

· Mechanical engineering
· Construction projects of all sizes
· Electrical engineering
· Electronics
· Plant engineering
· Computer engineering
· Chemical industry
· Woodworking
· Woodworking Technology
· Construction technology
· Automotive engineering
· Measurement and control technology
· Agricultural technology
· Railway technology
· Heating technology
· Cooling technology 
· Medical technology
· Lighting technology
· Mining and mining technology
· Nanotechnologies
· Cooling technology
· Medical technology
· Metallurgy
· Robotics

Our capacities are sufficient for projects of any size

We can translate approx. 20,000 words each into Russian from German and English every day - these are the most requested language pairs. Capacities for Russian-German and Russian-English are somewhat more modest, but are perfectly adequate. For all other language combinations, whether for Eastern European or Asian languages, we can always offer flexible deadlines. In any case, every translation starts immediately, we have enough capacity for every language combination.

It is important for our clients to know in order to be able to estimate deadlines independently: a translator can manage approx. 1500 words per day. If more are required - the quality drops. Therefore, it is better to remain realistic and allow some time. 

For larger projects, we put together a team of several translators and a proofreader who rereads all the translated texts and corrects any discrepancies in terminology. A project manager is also always on hand to clarify any questions with the client. This method has worked well in our translation agency. In this way, we can always fulfil projects of any size on the deadline you require. 

Why translate with us? Our customers know.

These clients are highly satisfied with our translations, which is probably the best answer. Please feel free to enquire about us and our services with any of the clients listed. We will be happy to provide you with any missing contact details.

Proofreading for Russian translations: Proofreading

EVERY translation we do is proofread by an editor. More about quality assurance. This service (the so-called 4-eyes principle of translation) is only available from most translation agencies at extra cost. In our translation agency, proofreading is always included, i.e. free of charge for you.

Formats and software

We use

· MS Word 365
· MS Excel 365
· MS Powerpoint 365
· MS Publisher
· Adobe InDesign
· Adobe Framemaker
· Adobe Illustrator
· Adobe Photoshop

· html
· xml
· QuarkXPress
· dwg, dxf (AutoCAD)
· Vector graphics
· rc, dlg
· Bitmap graphics (tiff, jpg, bmp)

CAT tools we use

- SDL Trados Studio 2019 Professional
- SDL Trados Studio 2021 Professional
- Across 7.0
- memoQ