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Translations medical technology

We carry out translations into Russian, Czech, Polish and other languages in the complicated field of medical technology for our partner translation agencies or directly for manufacturers, mostly from Germany, Switzerland and the USA. The manufacturers of the medical devices or the agencies commissioned by them may really only have such translations carried out by experts, because mistakes in the translation can have serious consequences.

In our translation agency, different rules apply to translations of medical technology than to translations in other specialist areas. This documentation is not translated by translators, but as a rule by medical specialists. We put the specialist knowledge of the doctors first. They all have a very good knowledge of English and German, but the linguistic and stylistic side is still taken care of by editors, to make some text passages more beautiful, if necessary.

Where general information is concerned, we use our translators, but then have the translations proofread by doctors, depending on the project.

Translations in medical technology by professionals

Our acquaintance with medical technology began many years ago with translations of operating instructions and software localisation for computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, later other specialist areas were added. In recent years alone, we have translated several operating manuals (600 to 1500 pages each) from English and German into Russian, Czech, Polish and other Eastern European languages.

These include equipment from well-known companies in Germany for radiotherapy, ultrasound surgery, high-frequency surgery, anaesthesia equipment and anaesthesia workstations as well as respirators and dialysis equipment. All the translations were done partly from German and partly from English. 

Our clients are usually translation agencies, which is why we are not allowed to mention the names of the manufacturers of this medical technology here. You can be sure: we really do translate everything that belongs to medical technology. And we do this at the highest level.

Only print-ready translations

We always deliver print-ready documentation in all the usual programmes for modern technical documentation, such as Adobe Framemaker or Adobe InDesign thanks to our own DTP department, but also in MS Word. Since these manuals have a high percentage of repetition, they are all translated with CAT tools, such as SDL Trados and memoQ, which saves the client a great deal of money. At the same time, these tools ensure the quality and consistency of the translation.

We guarantee the quality of the translations

Our translations are impeccable, as confirmed by our end clients. Translated by specialists who themselves use the mecin technique in practice, or controlled, our clients receive documentation from specialist to specialist. This is the dream of every client.

Thanks to our translators' vast and long experience in the field of medical technology, we are often commissioned by other translation agencies or directly by European manufacturers of this technology as proofreaders to check their own translations, especially into Russian. We proofread any documentation, we are familiar with all subjects: from anaesthesia to central sterilisation.

Proofreading of your medical technology translations

This service is being used more and more often and this is understandable. With many clients who have their documentation translated by "normal" translators, the translators are not always professionals in medical technology, which is to be expected. The subject area is too complicated to be mastered like a professional. In these cases, we are asked to check and correct the existing translation. We are always happy to do so.