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Mechanical engineering translations

Translations from the mechanical engineering sector into the languages of Eastern Europe and Asia that we offer consistently account for over 60% of all our orders. Among purely technical translations, this percentage is even higher, approx. 80%. The history of our translation agency began with translations into Russian and Polish in the field of plant and mechanical engineering, and since then we have remained a leader on the European market. There is hardly a major project in Russia, Poland or the Czech Republic in the last 20 years in which our customers from Germany, Austria or Switzerland have not been directly or indirectly involved.

Mechanical engineering market in Eastern Europe

Russia and other Eastern European countries such as Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and the Ukraine have long been important export markets for German and Western European machinery and plant manufacturers. Russia and other countries still need a lot of modern machinery and equipment, and their needs are far from being met. Eastern European companies are good, reliable and grateful business partners.

Mechanical engineering market Asia

Even if you think that China, Japan and South Korea produce every conceivable technology themselves, that is not true. There is enough machinery and equipment that the great power China likes to buy from Germany and other Western European countries. Japan and South Korea also need good machine tools, which our customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland supply to these countries.

We translate from German and English

We carry out technical translations in plant and mechanical engineering from both of the most important technical languages: German and English. Of course, we also translate into German and English.

As our translation agency has a large number of specialists who are well versed in all the intricacies of mechanical engineering, we do not need to spend time studying the specifics of new orders, whether from existing or new customers. Our specialist translators are always ready for translation projects in any field of engineering thanks to their vast experience.

Our clients in Europe and Russia

Among our clients are world-renowned large corporations as well as numerous medium-sized companies from German-speaking countries in Europe. You can see a selection of them in our customer list. Why do they choose us? The list of completed projects from the last year alone says it all. Our clients appreciate the expertise of our translators, our many years of experience and know that we speak the same technical language with clients and end customers.

Translation formats

Our customers appreciate it very much: we process technical documentation not only in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but in all other formats that are relevant for technical documentation, especially in mechanical engineering:

- AutoCAD
- Adobe Framemaker
- Adobe InDesign
- QuarkXPress
- Adobe Illustrator
- CorelDraw
- Vector formats (eps)
- Bitmap formats (tiff, bmp, jpg)

... etc.

And this includes, of course, the modern CAT tools such as SDL Trados (versions 2021 and 2019), Across 7.0, memoQ. These tools not only save time, but also real money.

Our capacities are sufficient for every large project

These capacities are around 20,000 - 25,000 words per day for our most important language combinations German-Russian and English-Russian; the possibilities are comparable for other language pairs. In any case, they are sufficient to carry out projects of any size within a reasonable period of time and on the desired deadlines. When carrying out large projects, a project team is always formed, including translators, a proofreader and a project manager. In this case, the task of the proofreader is to keep the terminology consistent, while the project manager takes care of all possible questions and queries between translators and the client.


We do not hide our prices and do not entice our clients with prices "From ...", which are then usually higher. Our prices for Russian translations, Eastern European translations and Asian translations are transparent and the same for everyone.