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March 2022

In this month of March 2022, we are very busy with translations into Ukrainian concerning the integration of Ukrainian refugees in Germany, such as leaflets and brochures from various German cities and authorities.

Technical translations into Ukrainian have to wait

Other translations into Ukrainian, especially technical ones, are now taking a break. We are sure they will be in demand soon and our Ukrainian translators will also get back to work.

Kazakh and Azerbaijani translations

Our translation projects for Asian languages are getting a new impetus. Deliveries from our German customers continue despite logistical problems. We translate operating manuals, parts lists and drawings for manufacturers of pumps and presses for their customers in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Which languages for Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan?

It is important to find out beforehand which language of technical documentation the end customers in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan prefer. We have already had cases when they wanted the documents in Russian instead of Kazakh, Azerbaijani, Uzbek or Turkmen. 

There are two reasons for this.

1) In many cases, translations into Russian are more comprehensible because the local engineers and technicians know technical Russian better because they have studied it at university.

2) Translations into Russian are cheaper, on average by 50%. With large volumes of documentation, this is already considerable.