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February 2021

In the new year 2021 we have continued our commitment to multilingualism in our translation projects. Our old and new clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are increasingly coming to us with projects in several Eastern European languages and we offer translations into absolutely all Eastern European languages. February 2021 was no exception. For the client, outsourcing one translation project to one translator is, above all, a time and cost saving. It is easy to see why money is so important: all projects are managed by a single project manager instead of several. The same is true for time - our translation agency has enough capacity and resources to start working on any project as soon as we receive an order. 

Multilingual projects in our translation company

We are therefore continuing with our long-term policy of developing multi-lingual projects. Last year there were more and more such orders, and we are pleased with this trend in recent years. Subjects have been a tradition at our translation company for many years: technical translations, especially in the fields of mechanical and electronic engineering. We also translate in other fields, though.

We have a large number of carefully selected translators who translate into this field. A relatively new field of activity is medical technology, pharmaceuticals, and medical technology. This is especially true of translations into Russian, where we have a professional team of medical translators who are doctors and pharmacists by first degree. Otherwise, we believe that it is simply not feasible for an ordinary translator to be able to translate medical texts on a professional level.

Individual translations into individual languages

Translations into individual languages without a link to other languages still form a major part of our projects. These are usually one-off, individual projects commissioned by the client. Often the machine or special equipment to be supplied is a unique, customised product for which the technical documents are also produced as one-of-a-kind items. The fact that our translation company specialises in complex technical translations is what draws our clients' attention to us the most. There is hardly any technical field where we do not have to translate documentation from German or English.

We do, however, continue to work on reducing the cost of such customised translations too. This applies in particular to translations of technical documentation for energy plants supplied by our customer from Germany to Russia, Hungary, Lithuania and Romania. While retaining the basis of the plant itself, the customer changes only certain individual parameters for each individual order, allowing us to retain the basis of the text in our database during the translation process, translating only new parts of it and replacing figures and other plant data.