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December 2020

The Ost-Express translation company, which specialises in translations into Russian, all Eastern European languages and some popular Asian languages, met almost all of its targets for the past year 2020. This does not only refer to the increase in the volume of documentation translated, but above all to the fact that there was active promotion of new topics, languages and areas of specialisation.

Medical translations into Russian

The topic of medicine is not new to us, we have been doing medical and pharmaceutical translations for years. But this year medical translations have been given a real boost. New projects came up almost every day, equally from English and German into Russian and from Russian into English and German.

This year, the focus was on translating data on numerous clinical trials and translating certificates into Russian. We translated documentation on drug production processes, drug patent applications, drug labelling and drug packaging.

In December, there were new orders with delivery in the next 2021. This is pleasing and allows our translation company to plan for the long term.

New technologies and translations

There is another topic that has excited us as much as anyone else this year, and not only translators: new technologies and the related translations into Russian. We are offering more and more translations into other languages.

Virtual reality, the Internet of Things, big data, unmanned cars, networked healthcare and artificial intelligence are all trends that have and will continue to change not only the global economy, but the world and our lives. Whether they are the result of research and development by market leaders or start-ups, new technologies require specialised translations. Our translators are well equipped for this.

This applies to all languages and language combinations offered by our translation company. All of our translators are actively following the developments not only in English and German in this field, but also in their native languages: Russian, Polish, Chinese, Czech, Turkish and others.