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September 2020

Working in a pandemic environment has also taken its toll on our translation agency. The fact that our clients are mainly manufacturers of various technical equipment can be considered lucky or positive. The production of machines and equipment has hardly stopped, as you know. Interpreters had a particularly hard time. All exhibitions, conferences, business meetings have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely. We try to help them with translations as much as we can, but this does not compensate for the loss of interpretation.

Projects for Europe

For Ost-Express, on the other hand, the last months and weeks have been spent working on new projects for Lithuania, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Belarus and, of course, Russia. Our clients are adapting to this new environment and doing so quite successfully. The most important change is the impossibility for the manufacturer's staff to be present personally at the client's premises during the commissioning and start-up of the equipment, which is a prerequisite. Factory visits by representatives of the manufacturers are postponed or converted into online conferences. 

Prospects and expectations

The general downturn in the economy obviously has an impact on the work of translators, and their position obliges them to do so. We are the interface between producer and consumer. Our workload is totally dependent on the overall business activity and the global environment. More production and sales in the world mean more work for the translators. If the purchase of machines goes down, the translators are left without orders.

Medical translations

Against this backdrop, we are receiving increasing numbers of orders from our European clients in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. People have been and continue to be ill, and not only with the coronavirus, which is why there will always be work for medical translators. September 2020 of this year was no exception. In particular, there are more orders for medical translations into Russian, as well as for translations of medical technology documentation into Russian, Polish and Czech, as far as the Eastern European languages are concerned.