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May 2020

We are completing a series of major English to Chinese translation projects. The coronavirus pandemic has put the brakes on our European customers, including those working with Chinese end users, but after a short break trade relations are beginning to recover. The coming month of May will show how much of an impact the pause has had.

English to Chinese translations

Technical translations from English into Chinese have been a part of our translation agency's daily routine for a long time now. Thanks to our extensive network of translators and the perfect organisation of our translation company, documents of all fields are dealt with by our specialists at the fastest speed possible. Despite the fact that more and more Chinese specialists speak English themselves, there is no escape from translation of documents imported into China. Having translated documentation is a prerequisite for border crossing and customs clearance process.

We translate documentation from English into Chinese in all fields of modern technology: mechanical engineering, robotics, electronics, metallurgy, new technologies, etc. Despite its own advanced mechanical and electronics industries, China needs machinery which it has not yet been able to produce itself. At least, it needs equipment of the right quality and needed productivity.

German to Chinese translations

German translations are also part of our package and are very much in demand by Chinese clients. The main subject matter is mechanical engineering. Despite its own solid production base, China has a great need for German technology. For obvious reasons, there are far fewer specialist Chinese speakers of German than English speakers. 

Our Chinese interpreters not only have an excellent theoretical knowledge of mechanical engineering, but also have a practical knowledge. Many of them have studied engineering and other technical professions both at universities in China itself and abroad - at institutions of higher education in the USA, Germany and Switzerland.