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Projects Ost-Express

March 2022
In March 2022 we are very busy with translations into Ukrainian concerning the integration of Ukrainian refugees in Germany, such as leaflets and brochures from various German cities and authorities (no documents!).
Other translations into Ukrainian, especially technical and legal ones, are now taking a break. We are sure they will be in demand soon and our Ukrainian translators are also getting back to work.


February 2021
In the new year, we have continued the trend towards multilingualism in our translation projects. Our old and new clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are increasingly coming to us with multi-language projects.
Our idea of not only translating into Russian but into several languages at once has caught on with many of our clients. This is understandable, since they can save a lot of money by having just one translator working for them.
The range of topics has remained traditional for our translation company for many years: Specialist translations in mechanical engineering, electronics and medical technology.
However, individual projects remain in the majority. They make up the bulk of our translation projects to date. They are made-to-measure translations. Often the machine or product supplied is a unique product for which the technical documentation is prepared individually.


December 2020
Our translation company has fulfilled all plans and achieved all goals in the outgoing year 2020. This is not just about turnover and profit. Above all, we are pleased that translations in new topics and special areas were actively promoted this year.
This year has seen a resurgence of an old theme: medical translations to and from Russian. We have new clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, both from the private sector and public authorities.
New technology has not left us untouched. New technology demands new knowledge from the translators. Our translators are well prepared for this.


September 2020
Working in a pandemic environment has also affected our work. The fact that our clients are mainly producers of machinery and equipment can be considered lucky or positive. And theirs, as you know, has hardly stopped.
On the contrary, recent weeks have been spent working on new projects for Lithuania, Turkey, Ukraine, France, and, of course, Russia. Our customers are adapting to the new conditions, and quite successfully.


May 2020
We are completing a series of major English to Chinese translation projects. The coronavirus pandemic has put our clients on hold, but after a brief interruption, trade relations are beginning to recover.
Our customers and partners prefer not to talk about the prospects for similar large-scale purchases at the moment. But cautious optimism is present. May will show.
Translations from German into Chinese are also part of our language combination and are in high demand. The focus of the translations is on mechanical engineering. China has a great need for German technology, despite its own excellent technical know-how.


February 2020
We are happy to welcome new clients from Germany and Austria with projects in several Eastern European languages at once, i.e. in our field of expertise.
This means that we are beginning to implement multi-language projects, i.e. projects for one client where the translation is not only in Russian but also in several languages at the same time.
The subjects for these translations have remained traditional for our translation company: technology, especially mechanical and electronic engineering.
Translations into individual languages, though, make up the bulk of our translation projects. Typically these are one-off, bespoke projects. Often the machine or line supplied is a unique product for which the technical documentation is compiled individually.