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Trados 2021 and Ost Express

The Ost-Express translation agency is switching to the latest version of its accumulative translation database software: SDL Trados 2021. This is good news for all translators and project managers, not just our translation agency. There is no need to choose between working locally or in the cloud. We will use it for all our translations into Russian.

Studio 2021 combines both work scenarios

New in this version is SDL Trados Live. It's a cloud-based translation, editing and project management environment that complements SDL Trados Studio 2021. Studio 2021 now allows you to create a project on your smartphone, translate it on your PC, and finish the project by checking it out in the online editor. You can switch between offline and online modes at any stage of the work.

An extended subscription to SDL Trados Live will give translation teams access to shared projects and provide a more robust alternative to sharing files. Our team plans to test the first such project soon.

Productivity and personalization of Trados 2021

This is something that we and many of our colleagues have been looking forward to: the renewed browse filter has more search criteria, new ways to display information and the ability to save a template with preset search criteria - features that improve navigation through large documents.

The interface of the translation quality assessment tool has also been improved, making the editing and review process quicker and easier.

Other TM programmes in our translation agency

We have been working with database programmes since the 1990s. Trados is just one of them. We first started working with this programme and quickly realized that without this type of software, the future of the translation profession would be inconceivable. The second product in our translation agency that uses the same technology was Star Transit, but unfortunately only a small number of our clients were interested in it. Gradually, they switched to Trados or other programmes too. However, we are always keen to revive it.

Ost-Express currently has three active translation memories software which use it in their day-to-day work: SDL Trados, Across, memoQ. By default, we always have Trados in the first place when making our own selections for Trandlations from English and German. We only use the other two programs at the request of our clients for whom these are the primary programs for translation of technical and other documentation.