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Ost-Express Übersetzungen
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E-Mail: info@ost-express.com

Enquiry to Ost-Express

Please send your enquiry via our form at the top right of the website or directly by e-mail to info@ost-express.com with as much information as possible about the project: language combination, volume, topic, desired date, special notes.

Complete files are easier to evaluate

It is best if you send us complete files of your project, which we will of course treat with the utmost confidentiality, as this is the only way we can make an accurate and possibly favourable offer. The most important thing is to determine whether and how many repetitions there are in the documents. Because it is precisely these repetitions that are taken into account when calculating the price. The more repetitions there are, the more expensive the translation.

Unfortunately, with the best will in the world, we cannot give an exact answer to general enquiries such as "how much does it cost to translate 10 pages", because one page can have 10 or 300 words and therefore cost 1 or 30 euros.

Our recommendations to clients:

1. be realistic: a good translator can translate about 1500 words per day. That is why we do not accept orders like "50 thousand words in 2 days".

2. we are flexible in our choice of source language. If your technical or other documentation exists in both English and German, which is often the case, we can translate equally well from both languages. Preference is given to the original language, i.e. the language in which the documentation was created.

3. fortunately for customers, we are also flexible when it comes to document formats. We handle all common formats without problems, including AutoCAD drawings or bitmap graphics.

4. documents that can be directly overwritten are translated faster than scanned PDF files. Please also take this into account for desired deadlines.

5. important for documentation that contains screenshots: it is different in every project. Sometimes clients want to translate the text in relation to the screenshots, some want to see the translation in brackets. We support clients with our experience and are happy to give tips. Unless, of course, the client has his own idea.

6. if the text is bilingual or multilingual, we would, of course, like to know which language should be overwritten with the translation.

These are all important details for any translation project. Of course, we can clarify all questions in dialogue with the client. But in order to save time and start translating as quickly as possible, every translator wants to see as precise instructions as possible in advance.

Advantages of a translation agency

When booking a translation with a freelancer, it is better to make sure in advance what he or she can translate. There are hardly any translators who translate operating instructions for pumps and medical reports equally well; they are two different professions.

Our advantage: we have experts in all fields and your translation will always be dealt with by the right person.