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Translations Ukrainian

We provide technical and legal translations into Ukrainian (German-Ukrainian and English-Ukrainian) for our clients who realise their projects in Ukraine. Not to be surprised, but some end customers in Ukraine ask European suppliers to provide technical documentation in the Russian language. We are happy to provide translations in the language our clients prefer. Alleged problems because of languages in Ukraine are exaggerated and politically motivated. All Ukrainians speak Russian, many of them perfectly.

We at Ost-Express and our clients hope for an end to the war soon and hope to help rebuild the country. At the moment we are doing everything we can to help the Ukrainian refugees here in Germany.

Technical translations into Ukrainian

Only certified translators carry out technical translations into Ukrainian at the translation agency Ost-Express. All employees are, of course, native speakers and experienced specialists with 10 to 20 years of professional experience as translators. As a rule, they are also native speakers of Russian, like almost every Ukrainian.

Among our projects are translations into Ukrainian of operating manuals for woodworking technology such as power equipment, burners, dryers, weight per unit area measuring equipment, pumps, presses. 

Even before the major political crisis in 2014, we provided numerous translations for Ukrainian metallurgical and chemical plants. We all hope that those times will soon return. At that time, however, almost all translations were required in Russian, and only contracts were translated into Ukrainian.

Translation German-Ukrainian and English-Ukrainian

We offer translations from German as well as English, the two most important languages of the world economy and technology, preferring, if possible, the original language in which the documents were created. All translations are usually carried out using CAT tools, primarily SDL Trados Studio, currently in 2019 and 2021 versions. The offer also includes Across as well as memoQ, depending on the client's requirements. This also includes Ukrainian software localisation (industrial software, PC software localisation, localisation of iOS and Android apps).

Translation agency Ost-Express only delivers print-ready documents

All documents translated into Ukrainian that are to be printed or intended for online publication are edited by our DTP specialists. We can format both our translations and the client's own translations beautifully and professionally. Our DTP department works with all the most important modern programmes: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Framemaker, QuarkXPress. Even the editing of drawings in AutoCAD is done either by our translators themselves or by the DTP specialists. Such one-stop services are appreciated by clients, who save time and money.

Recent projects for the Ukrainian market

Our recent major projects for translations into Ukrainian include: 

- Translation of operating instructions for energy plant German - Ukrainian
- Software localisation drying plant English - Ukrainian
- Translation maintenance manual drying plant German - Ukrainian
- Translation of operating instructions for high-pressure compressors 
- Translation operating instructions water purification systems German - Ukrainian
- Translation operating instructions pumps German - Ukrainian

Each translation has several hundred pages, our translators work on some projects for months. 

Legal translations Ukrainian at our translation agency are usually sales contracts and supply agreements that accompany our technical translation projects for Ukraine. This means that we cover all translations from a single source.

Software localisation Ukrainian

Orders for software localisation Ukrainian are also becoming more and more frequent in our translation agency: Translation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps into Ukrainian as well as translation of online shops.

Send us your request to info@ost-express.com and we will get back to you immediately with the quote. Or you can calculate the costs yourself, our translation agency does not hide the prices. 

We are a pure B2B company and every request for a certified translation will be forwarded to our external translator, from whom you will receive the offer and price. 

Prices for translations from German and English into Ukrainian see our price list.