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Translations Russian

Since 1995, we have been providing you with professional technical translations into and from Russian of every kind that you need when preparing or carrying out your business activities in Russia as an import or export company. You too can benefit from our experience and specialisation in technical and legal translations.

Ost-Express translates for you 

- Operating manuals
- installation instructions
- repair instructions
- business correspondence
- company documents
- product catalogues
- sales contracts
- supply contracts
- employment contracts
- presentations
- training materials
- websites
- advertising brochures
- drawings


Language combinations around Russian:

German - Russian - German
English - Russian - English
French - Russian - French
Italian - Russian - Italian
Spanish - Russian - Spanish
Chinese - Russian - Chinese

Naturally, most translations are done from English and German, the two most important languages in technology, business, medicine and pharmacy.

Main areas of translation into Russian

These are the main areas in which we specialise in translating technical and other documentation into and from Russian, and in which our experience is particularly strong:

- Mechanical engineering
- Plant engineering
- Architecture
- Automation engineering
- Construction projects
- Civil Engineering
- Mining
- Mining Technology
- Biology
- Fire Protection Engineering
- Chemistry
- Geology
- Health care
- Heating Technology
- Woodworking Technology
- Hydraulics
- Cosmetics
- Plastics technology
- Automotive engineering
- Automotive accessories
- Cooling technology
- Medical Technology
- Metallurgy
- Metalworking
- Nanotechnologies
- New Technologies
- PC Software
- PC Hardware
- Pharmacy
- Pneumatics
- Presses
- Solar technology
- Environmental technology
- Water treatment technology

and even more.

All translations are carried out by qualified translators and, of course, only by Russian native speakers.

We translate around 1000 large and small projects a year, thanks in part to our partnership with our colleagues - specialists in Russian translations. Even in recent years, which are not easy for all business people due to economic sanctions against Russia, our clients remain loyal to us.

Our many years of experience in organisation allow us to carry out both large projects in the shortest possible time and many small and urgent translations on the same day. All this happens thanks to our great team of translators, proofreaders and project managers.

Russian translators: how to translate

One of the reasons for our recognition among clients is the fact that we are not an agency, but translate ourselves. Most of the time this is done by our own employees and in some cases by individual freelancers, among whom are engineers, chemists and doctors, responsible for e.g. medicine or medical technology.

We come to our offices in different cities in different countries at 8.00 a.m. every day just to translate. This means we do it full-time, not on the side, like many freelancers. This guarantees our clients that their requests will be processed in just a few minutes without delay. Also, express translation for us does not mean "the next working day", but in a few hours and even minutes. 

Medical translations Russian

Ost-Express also offers medical translations from English and German into Russian and from Russian into English and German. Most importantly, translators in our team are doctors, chemists, pharmaceutical specialists and, of course, technical translators. The latter act as proofreaders and take care of the linguistic part of medical translations: Stylistics, orthography, grammar.

We can really translate any documentation on the subject of medicine, such as

- clinical studies
- medical reports
- medical reports
- patient information
- patient guides
- surgical manuals

The most important difference is the fact that all translations are carried out by medical specialists. Our team includes doctors from all fields of medicine. Experience shows that this is the only way to achieve good specialist translations in the medical field, because it guarantees the correctness of the specialist language and quality. No "normal" translator can have comparable specialist knowledge to the doctors themselves.

Every translation is proofread at no extra charge

This service is usually only offered by agencies for an extra charge, but we remain true to our principles: every translation is proofread in our translation office, at no extra cost. Why is this important? Even a good translator can have a bad day. That is one reason for proofreading. The second is that when translating the same texts over the years, a new neutral translator or editor may find better formulations for what the translator himself no longer recognises. We do let the translators translate other similar texts sometimes to allow for variety, but better safe than sorry.