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Romanian translations

Romania is no longer the country it was a few years ago - with a stagnating economy and a low quality of life. More and more Western European companies are building their new factories there or modernising old ones. Among them are our clients from Germany, for whom we have been providing translations into Romanian since 2000.

Europe's growth champion is Romania

That is the opinion of the experts in Der Spiegel and we agree with them. We have noticed it in the volume of orders recently - investments by German companies are increasing noticeably.

Our translations into Romanian

When it comes to translations into Romanian, our translation agency is particularly in demand for technical translations and most of all in the mechanical engineering sector. These include new and modernised plants in various cities in Romania. Practically every translation project also includes the corresponding translation of software, i.e. software localisation. This gives machines and systems user interfaces and control panels in the Romanian language.

Our technical and legal translations into Romanian are carried out by native Romanian speakers. All of them are qualified translators and experienced professionals with many years of experience. We translate both German-Romanian and English-Romanian. Preference is given to the original language of the documentation. Many of our translators have technical studies behind them. Dictionaries alone, even the best ones, do not guarantee a good and correct translation. The translator must understand the technical background and describe it correctly.

Other specialist areas

We also carry out German-Romanian and English-Romanian translations in other specialist areas apart from plant engineering and mechanical engineering, e.g:

- Contracts (sales contracts, supply contracts)
- Business reports
- Presentations
- Training documents
- Product brochures
- Advertising brochures
- Websites

Software localisation Romanian

We also receive more and more orders for Romanian software localisation in our translation agency: Translation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps into Romanian. The translation or localisation of online shops is also part of this.

Largest projects for Romania in recent times

Among our biggest Romanian projects are translations of the documentation of energy systems, drying systems and burners of a wood processing plant.

All translations are carried out using CAT tools as a rule and technical translations without exception. In our office, this is SDL Trados, currently in version 2019 as well as 2021. This saves the client real money especially in technical translations, because they are known to have many repetitions, and allows the translator to search for suitable technical terms from previous translations, which is important for quality.

We only translate B2B

Important for all customers in Germany: we only carry out pure B2B translations into and from Romanian, i.e. for business customers. We do not do translations for private individuals, especially certified translations from Romanian, valid for Germany, of school certificates, diplomas, driving licences, birth certificates, passports. Please contact our colleagues who specialise in this field.

Foreign language typesetting 

As with other languages we offer, we also offer our DTP service for Romanian. This means that we professionally lay out your documents in Romanian. It does not matter whether it is our translations or the customer's already finished documents. The documents we typeset can be printed directly or, as happens more and more often nowadays, presented online, e.g. on websites.

For prices of translations into Romanian, see our price list.