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Polish translations

Practically every multilingual project in our translation agency always involves translation into Polish. The country has its secure place in the European economy, and trade with Western European countries is booming. Our translation service with native Polish translators has become a reliable bridge between Poland and the rest of the world.

Technical translations 

For many years, our translation agency has played an important role as a link between Poland and, above all, its neighbour Germany. Many machines and plants delivered from Germany to Poland are accompanied by operating instructions in our translation.

It is also the work of our Polish translators that the plants and machines have the Polish user interface, and they take care of the software localisation in the Polish language.

We translate from both major languages of technical documentation - German and English. The source language is not so important for us, it is much more important in which language the original documentation was created.

Translators are Polish native speakers

Technical and legal translations into Polish (German-Polish and English-Polish) and from Polish are the languages we offer most frequently. This is the most requested language combination after translations into Russian in our translation agency.

Translations into Polish are carried out by our Polish native speakers, that goes without saying. In addition, they are all graduate translators and at the same time experienced professionals with several years of experience. Thanks to particularly close contacts with Polish colleagues, we can offer you translations on any subject and in any volume. We can also handle large projects with tight deadlines because several translators can work on a project in parallel.

Apart from technical translations, we also undertake the translation of other types of documents such as:

- Sales contracts
- Supply contracts
- Employment contracts
- Business reports
- Presentations
- Business correspondence
- Training material
- Advertising leaflets
- Product brochures
- Private correspondence
- Medical reports

CAT tools make translations cheaper

All translations are usually carried out using CAT tools, primarily SDL Trados, the most important tool for every technical translator, currently in the 2019 and 2021 versions. Translations using other tools such as Across and memoQ are also possible. These tools also enable software localisation, which is part of many technical projects. We always manage this masterfully as well. 

Software localisation Polish

Polish software localisation orders are also becoming more and more frequent in our translation agency: Translation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps into Polish, as well as translation of online shops.

Projects for Poland

Our most recent major projects for translations into Polish are: 

- German-Polish catalogue of the company Flex Elektrowerkzeuge.
- Website of a manufacturer of thermal duckers English-Polish
- Documentation energy plant German-Polish
- Operation manual Hydraulic power pack English-Polish
- Operation manual Pile top drill rig English-Polish
- Software localisation Drying plant German-Polish
- Maintenance manual Drying plant German-Polish
- Product brochures Thermal printer English-Polish
- Operating instructions basis weight measuring system German-Polish
- Operating instructions high pressure compressors German-Polish
- Operating instructions water purification system German-Polish
- Product brochures cosmetics English-Polish
- Software localisation ultrasonic testing system English-Polish
- Operating instructions pumps German-Polish
- Product brochures Cleaning Systems German-Polish
- Product brochures Healthy Nutrition German-Polish
- Software localisation measuring system German-Polish
- Operating instructions hot-blow unit German-Polish
- Software localisation thermal printer English-Polish

Prices for translations into Polish see our price list.