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Translations Lithuanian

German - Lithuanian and English - Lithuanian translations have had a permanent place in our translation agency since 2001 with short breaks. We have done many projects again for end customers from Lithuania in the last few years. Translations continue this year as well.

The biggest projects are translations of technical documentation for the chipboard plant in Akmenė and IKEA Industry. These translations alone have a volume of several thousand pages. The clients are well-known German companies such as Siempelkamp and Büttner.

We also carry out translations for numerous subcontractors of these projects: Companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that supply smaller but no less important parts of the plants.

We not only take care of the translation into Lithuanian of the operating instructions, but also the software localisation of the machines and plants, i.e. the translation of the user interface. In this way, we carry out complete projects for the proper functioning of entire plants. 

Lithuanian technical translations

Translations of technical documentation as well as localisation of corresponding software (menus, user interface) have made up the largest part of our translations into Lithuanian for years. Apart from translations of documentation for the above-mentioned woodworking equipment, we also translate operating instructions and manuals in the field of mechanical engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, metalworking, agriculture and agricultural technology, industrial software localisation.

Lithuanian software localisation is also playing an increasingly important role: translation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps into Lithuanian.

Our Lithuanian technical translators are highly qualified professionals, many of whom, in addition to their linguistic training, have also completed technical studies and several years of internship in other European countries. In any case, they master the technical subject matter in such a way that the end customer is highly satisfied with the quality of the translation. 

Other Lithuanian translations

Apart from technical translations such as operating instructions, installation instructions, repair instructions, manuals, we also carry out other translations: 

- Business correspondence
- Sales contracts
- Supply contracts
- Employment contracts
- Presentations
- Product catalogues
- Training material
- Company brochures
- Advertising brochures
- Certificates

All translations into Lithuanian, if possible and necessary, are carried out using modern CAT tools. Primarily SDL Trados Professional 2019 and 2021 are used, these programmes are mastered by all our translators. The CAT tools save the client a lot of money and make the translator's work easier. 

Please note: fully automatic translators from the Internet will be of little help with Lithuanian translations, as the dictionaries for these are not yet fully developed compared to other language combinations such as French-English or English-German.

Lithuanian software localisation

Orders for software localisation Lithuanian are also becoming more and more frequent in our translation agency: Translation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps into Lithuanian, as well as translation or localisation of online shops.

Ongoing projects for Lithuania

Lately, we mostly do technical translations into Lithuanian in mechanical engineering, metalworking, as well as general translations such as tourism, agriculture, education.

The largest translations are

- Operating manuals drying plants German-Lithuanian
- Operating instructions energy plant German-Lithuanian
- Software localisation energy plant English-Lithuanian
- Installation and foundation plans English-Lithuanian
- User manual knife gate German-Lithuanian
- Operating manual complete MDF plant
- Software localisation MDF plant English-Lithuanian

In 2021, our German customers expect further orders for Lithuanian plants, as EU investments in Lithuania are expected to grow strongly, see recommendation of the European Commission. Together with them, our Lithuanian translators are ready to support them with their own work.

Prices for translations into Lithuanian see our price list.