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Czech translations

Most translations at Ost-Express into Czech (German - Czech and English - Czech) are translations of technical documentation. Our customers from Germany and Austria are manufacturers of medical technology, testing equipment, pumps and presses as well as extrusion equipment. 

Technical translations Czech

We translate into Czech from both major languages of European technical documentation - German and English. The source language is not so important for us, much more important is in which language the original documentation was created. This is crucial for the flawless quality of the translated documents.

Ost-Express translates complete documentation

Since we are dealing with documentation for complete plants, we also carry out complete translations: from foundation plans to the smallest sign on every part of the plant, including, of course, the installation and operating instructions. Our technical translators are experienced professionals not only with linguistic training, but also have solid technical knowledge, acquired either through additional studies or many years of work in specific technical fields.

We also undertake the software localisation of plant and machinery. This means: we translate, i.e. localise all elements of the operation of the machines: menus, commands, etc. The entire software is then available to the operator in Czech. To translate the software correctly, a translator must know the machine well. It is hardly possible to get a machine in front of your eyes every time. We only work with bare files in various formats, so special knowledge and skills are required of the translator. Our translators have these.

We also translate other documents for other clients such as:

- Instruction manuals
- Installation instructions
- Repair manuals
- Data sheets
- Manuals
- Training material
- Parts lists
- Spare parts lists
- Safety data sheets
- Certificates
- Drawings 

As with other languages, Ost-Express uses only certified technical translators and, of course, only Czech native speakers, all with Trados experience (current versions SDL Trados 2019 and 2021 in use).

Software localisation Czech

Software localisation Polish jobs are also not uncommon at Ost-Express: translation of PC software, iOS apps and Android apps into the Czech language. The translation or localisation of online shops is also included.

Legal documents and other subject matter

In addition to technical translations, we translate into Czech other documents such as sales contracts, supply contracts, service contracts, leasing contracts, licence agreements required for the supply of equipment and machinery. Among the most recent orders are translations of presentations of companies from Germany and Austria into Czech.

These translations are also carried out by top-class professionals at our company.

Our projects for the Czech Republic in recent months

- Operating instructions ultrasonic testing equipment German-Czech
- Operating manuals for energy plants German-Czech
- Operating manuals drying plant German-Czech
- Software localisation drying plant German-Czech
- Operating manuals presses German-Czech
- Product brochures cosmetics English-Czech
- Instruction manuals dosing units English-Czech
- Operating instructions measuring sensors English-Czech
- Operating instructions pumps German-Czech
- Presentation Spark Extinguishing System German-Czech
- Product brochures healthy nutrition German-Czech


As with other languages, we also offer our DTP service for Czech. This means that we professionally lay out your Czech documents, whether our translations or the customer's already finished documents, so that they can be printed directly or, as is happening more and more often these days, presented online. Our DTP department uses all well-known programmes such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Framemaker, QuarkXPress, Adobe Illustrator.  

For prices of translations into Czech, see our price list.