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Technical translations Croatian

Most of the translations at Ost-Express into Croatian (German - Croatian and English - Croatian) are translations of technical documentation. Our clients from Germany and Austria are manufacturers of medical technology, testing equipment, pumps and presses as well as extrusion equipment. Due to the constant expansion of production, there are regular deliveries of the new machines and accordingly we are active as translators in this field.

Croatian translations

Recently, among our biggest projects are translations of the technical documentation for the power plants as well as burners, dryers and other types of equipment. We also carry out the software localisation of the machines, i.e. the translation of the user interface into the Croatian language. Every year there are updates of the documentation, which we can carry out quickly and cost-effectively thanks to CAT tools.

Ost-Express also translates for other European clients various documents such as:

- Instruction manuals
- Spare parts lists
- Installation instructions
- Manuals
- Training material
- Repair instructions
- Parts lists
- Certificates
- Drawings 

Our Croatian translators are experienced professionals with a very good understanding of technology and with years of practical work in this field. All translations have been assessed by end customers on site as absolutely professional.

Translation from German and English

We have just as good specialists for contractual matters when it comes to contracts of all kinds. We translate both technical documentation and legal documents into Croatian from German and English equally well. For the quality of any translation, it is better if the original is in the same language in which it was created. Otherwise, we always have enough translators from both languages.

All translations into Croatian are done using CAT tools whenever possible, primarily SDL Trados, currently in the 2019 and 2021 versions. The importance of CAT tools for technical translations is undisputed. For the client, it makes every translation cheaper, sometimes considerably so. The more we translate for you, the larger the database and the number of repetitions.

Software localisation Croatian

Croatian software localisation is also no problem for our translators: we are happy to translate not only industrial software for you, but also PC software, iOS apps and Android apps. The translation or localisation of online shops and websites is also included.

We deliver print-ready documents

All documents translated into Croatian that need to be printed or are intended for online publication are edited by our DTP specialists. We can professionally format both our translations and the client's own translation. Our DTP department works with all the main DTP programmes: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Framemaker, QuarkXPress. Even the editing of drawings in AutoCAD is handled either by our translators or the DTP specialists.

Our biggest orders for translations into Croatian in the recent past:

- Catalogues Tools
- Operating instructions for energy plant
- Operating instructions drying system
- Operating manual water purification system
- Operating instructions for surface burners
- Product brochures medical technology
- Maintenance manual drying plant
- Software localisation energy plant
- Software localisation drying system
- Product brochures natural cosmetics

Prices for translations into Croatian see our price list.