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Eastern Europe Translations

The role of Eastern European countries in the world economy and especially for Western European countries continues to grow. According to specialists, the region will have great advantages for the post-Corona period, especially due to an expected shortening of supply chains. Eastern Europe is excellently positioned for the relocation of factories from Asia closer to the main plants. 

Our translation agency, specialising in translations and software localisation into all Eastern European languages, is equally well equipped for such tasks. Founded in Germany and Russia, managed from Germany, with translators in all Eastern European countries, we have become an important link between Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

We translate mainly from English and German - the two most important languages of business, technology and science not only in Europe but also in the world. Of course, we also carry out translations into German and English from the languages of Eastern Europe. Our language combinations are listed in the table below.

Most important languages into which we translate

Bulgarian from 0,11 € / Word
Croatian  from 0,11 € / Word
Latvian from 0,12 € / Word
Lithuanian from 0,12 € / Word
Polish from 0,11 € / Word
Romanian from 0,11 € / Word
Russian from 0,09 € / Word
Serbian from 0,11 € / Word
Slovak  from 0,10 € / Word
Slovenian from 0,11 € / Word
Czech from 0,11 € / Word
Turkish from 0,13 € / Word
Ukrainian from 0,11 € / Word
Hungarian from 0,12 € / Word

Our specialisation is technology

We translate into Eastern European languages for our customers:

- Operating manuals
- Installation manuals
- Operating instructions
- Product brochures
- Training manuals
- Repair manuals
- Parts lists
- Manuals
- Drawings

in the branches:

Mechanical engineering · plant engineering · architecture · civil engineering · mining · biology · chemistry · electronics · electrical engineering · heating technology · woodworking technology · cooling technology · agricultural machinery · measurement and control technology · medical technology · metallurgy · metalworking · nanotechnologies · transport, etc.

Translations New Technologies

Virtual Reality, the Internet of Things, Big Data, Self-Driving Vehicles, Connected Health or Artificial Intelligence - these are all trends that have decisively changed and will change not only the economy, but our world and our lives. Whether they are the result of research and development by leading market leaders or start-up companies, the new technologies require specialist translations. 

Ost-Express is ideally placed to be at the forefront of translations into all the languages we offer, as far as new technologies are concerned. Our experience in the world of electronics, robotics and programming is vast and we never tire of exploring new areas. Our translators follow modern developments with great interest and do so in their national languages and, of course, in English and German.

More language pairs

The list will be extended to include other language combinations, but the languages mentioned above remain the most popular. Of course, we can also translate from other languages such as French or Italian, but this happens rather rarely.

Regardless of their mother tongue, all translators are certified professionals with between 10 and 20 years of experience as technical translators. All professionals have university degrees in their respective countries or abroad.

If you need information about other languages, for example Western European languages such as Spanish, Italian or French, please visit this website: Translations into Western European Languages. 

We love complicated projects

Our specialisation in translations into Eastern European languages: Large projects and complicated technical translations. We can handle orders of several hundred pages as easily as a dozen smaller translations in one working day. We start each of your translations immediately, without waiting.