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Translations Japanese

German - Japanese and English - Japanese translations are one of three language combinations for Asian languages at Ost-Express. We all know the important role Japan plays in the world economy. Actually, technology made in Japan is very advanced. However, there are technical products that Japanese companies nevertheless purchase from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - the countries where our direct clients are located.

The demand for the translation of mainly technical documentation into Japanese remains. For such translations, we employ specialists whose mother tongue is Japanese, who have a good theoretical and practical knowledge of the technology and can apply this knowledge professionally in translations.

Technical translations into Japanese

We translate into Japanese for our European customers, especially for companies from Germany, operating instructions, installation instructions, manuals, parts lists, repair instructions and other technical documentation. Translations are done equally well from both English and German. We always prefer the language of the original in which the document was created, so the quality remains higher. 

It should be noted that there are many Japanese translators who translate from English. German-Japanese translators, on the other hand, are not easy to find. Our regular translators are always there, the clients of our translation agency never have long waiting times for translations from German or none at all, we start every translation without delay.

Although German engineering companies compete internationally with industry players from Japan, they can certainly do good business in Japan with innovative technologies and customised solutions. This is also indicated by the high presence of German engineering companies in Japan. This is also the case with our German clients, especially toolmakers.

CAT tools and technical translations

Practically all translations into Japanese are carried out using CAT tools, primarily SDL Trados, currently in its 2019 and 2021 versions. This saves the client money and increases the quality of the translation thanks to the consistency of the terminology used. The use of other CAT tools such as Across and memoQ is also possible. However, SDL Trados remains as the most popular programme among other CAT tools, even among Japanese translators in our office.

Our most recent projects for Japan

- User manuals CNC centre
- Software localisation CNC centre
- Operating manual presses
- Installation manual pumps
- Pump operating manuals

We are also happy to undertake other translations such as sales contracts or supply agreements as well as other documents. The high quality of technical, legal and other translations into Japanese is guaranteed.

Translations into the Japanese language are not cheap. Even in our translation agency they cannot be called presi value, nevertheless they are en piece lower than with most agencies. Our recommendation: compare prices well before placing an order. With us, the quality is right in any case.

Prices for German-Japanese and English-Japanese translations