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Asia technical Translations

Our translation agency offers translations into the most widely spoken Asian languages Chinese, Japanese, Korean,  Kazakh primarily from English and German - the two most important languages of business, technology and science throughout the world. Of course, we also carry out translations from these languages into German and English, i.e. vice versa. 

Despite their own highly developed industries, China, Korea and Japan also need some machines and plants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Among the suppliers of such machinery and equipment are our long-standing customers, who already know us through translations into other languages such as Russian, Polish or Czech.

We also translate into Asian languages just as responsibly for you. Our most popular language combinations are listed in the table below.

Asian languages into which we translate


from 0,13 € / word
English-Chinese from 0,13 € / word
German-Japanese from 0,15 € / word
English-Japanese from 0,15 € / word
► German-Kasakh from 0,14 € / word
► English-Kasakh from 0,14 € / word
► German-Korean from 0,17 € / word
► English-Korean from 0,17 € / word

Technical translations into Asian languages

These Asian languages (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Kazakh) play the most important role in the world of technology and business. All the translators of the Asian languages of our translation service are certified professionals with between 10 and 20 years of experience as technical translators. Some of them have a solid technical background, which is especially important for technical translations. 

We can translate any type of technical documentation for you:

- Operating manuals
- Data sheets
- Spare parts lists
- Installation instructions
- Manuals
- Repair manuals
- Training material
- Safety data sheets
- Parts lists
- Certificates
- Drawings 

Software localisation Asia

Software localisation is an important part of technical translation. In many projects we also translate, i.e. localise, the industrial software of machines and plants, for which operating instructions and other technical documents are also translated. We usually do this with SDL Trados, which can handle all languages perfectly, including Asian.

The translation of software has many peculiarities, but our translators are good enough to always master this at the highest level. We can also localise PC softwares and translate iOS apps and Android apps into Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.

We like complicated projects

Our specialisation: large projects and complicated technical translations. We can handle orders of several hundred pages as easily as several small translations in one working day. This is possible thanks to the large number of specialists we employ. We start your translation immediately, without any waiting time. For very large and urgent orders, we can use several translators in parallel. 

Other language pairs

Most of our Asian projects are therefore in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Nevertheless, we can also offer translations into other languages of the Asian region, such as Vietnamese or Thai. Up to now, such orders have been rather rare. Ask us, we can also offer you rare languages.