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Translations Eastern Europe and Asia

Since 1995, our translation service has been providing high-quality yet inexpensive translations into Russian, other Eastern European languages and the most important Asian languages. The focus is on technical translations for the Russian and Eastern European markets as well as for China, Japan and Korea. We also undertake legal and other translations into all languages offered, as well as software localisation of machinery and equipment and translation of iOS and Android apps.

Ost-Express translates from German and English into Russian as well as into all languages of Eastern Europe such as Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Turkish and Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The DTP department of Ost-Express ensures the delivery of print-ready documents of impeccable quality in all language combinations.

Specialist translations for business and commerce

Our translation agency for Eastern European and Asian languages is at your disposal with all its experience of over 20 years. We are very familiar not only with the languages of Eastern Europe and Asia, but also with the culture and traditions of these countries. 

The best idea of our capabilities is given by projects carried out by our translation agency in the last year. 

Thanks to our competence and reliability, we have become an important link between the Western European, Eastern European and Asian economies. Thanks to our specialisation in technical and legal translations, we supplement or replace the translation departments of many large and small companies.

We provide technical translations in many languages 

The technical documentation we translate, often for complete plants from construction drawings to the smallest sign, is used in the construction of new plants such as woodworking plants in Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, Hungary, in Ukraine and in the modernisation of existing plants. Translations into Chinese are also mainly for large plants, such as for natural gas extraction and oil processing. 

Our translation agency is a pure B2B company for Eastern Europe, i.e. we work almost exclusively with business clients. We do not translate documents such as passports, birth certificates, driving licences, etc. Please contact our colleagues.

Express translations

There are sometimes situations when the translation needs to be done quickly. Translation agency Ost-Express offers express translations in the language combinations German - Russian and English - Russian as well as Russian - German and Russian - English. This is possible thanks to our organisation, because we do not distribute the translations, we translate them ourselves. 

While our colleagues understand express translation as translation within 24 hours, we do your translation immediately. Thanks to our employees, we can be flexible and decide on delivery dates ourselves. Of course, we are talking about realistic word or page counts. A good translator translates an average of about 250 to 300 words per hour, which means about 1 page.

Maximilian Nefedov - Your Polish Translator & Russian Translator | Professional Polish Translations & Russian Translations

In recent decades, a variety of relationships have developed between German, Polish and Russian companies, between the culture and science of the countries. Even those who may be able to communicate well in the country need support when it comes to important documents. From us you will receive a high-quality translation in Polish and Russian. For technical documents, contracts and company correspondence, absolute linguistic reliability and accuracy are required. We employ native speakers with high qualifications as translators for Russian and Polish translations. 

Expert translators for Polish & translators for Russian

Have you just established new business relations with partners in Poland or Russia? Then the translator for Russian or translator for Polish must have the best knowledge. Even the smallest mistakes in the choice of words can lead to fatal misunderstandings in Polish translations, for example. This applies to Polish translations for correspondence and even more so to contract templates. Leave the translation in Polish for your business partners to our experienced and qualified staff. Our Polish translators are familiar with the special technical language of the industry as well as with linguistic subtleties.

Do you want to send technical documentation to a Russian company? Here, knowledge of the various technical terms is required from the Russian translator. Mistakes in Russian translation could result in a lack of understanding or even the rejection of your project. 

Confidence in Russian translation & Polish translations

The problem is that you cannot control the foreign language translated documents yourself. It is imperative that you can trust the translation in Russian or the translator for Polish. With us, all translations in Polish and every translation in Russian are thoroughly and expertly proofread once again. We do not charge extra for this service. It goes without saying that you as our customer will receive an error-free translation in Polish or Russian. We produce hundreds of high-quality Polish and Russian translations every year for our customers with a wide range of technical requirements. Our Russian translator or Polish translator will give you a solid foundation for your request. We know from experience that language barriers in particular are often a major obstacle to successful business relationships. A misspoken word can easily be taken back. Explaining mistakes in business documents in a Russian or Polish translation afterwards is more difficult. This burdens you with unnecessary extra work and delays ongoing negotiations. With Ost-Express you have our reliable, highly trained translators for Polish and translators for Russian at your side.

Translation Polish, Russian - Difference between foreign & native speakers

In every language there are certain word inventions and idioms that cannot be translated easily. Translated literally, they would make no sense. If translated too superficially into Polish, some idioms from German could result in a saying with a completely different meaning. Native speakers have grown up with the language and know such subtleties. They know where not only translations but also reformulations are needed to make the content clear. We place particular emphasis on absolutely adept language skills for translations into Polish or Russian. Mistakes that a foreign speaker might make when translating into Russian are impossible with a native speaker. As translators for Polish and translators for Russian, we employ native speakers who are also very familiar with the peculiarities of the respective language. You will receive your Polish or Russian translation on time and in very high quality.

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