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Ost-Express Übersetzungen
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E-Mail: info@ost-express.com

Translations Eastern Europe and Asia

The translation agency Ost-Express, with its head office in Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia, and translators all over the world, has been providing translations of every kind from German and English into all Eastern European languages such as Polish, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Turkish and into the languages of Asia: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Kazakh, Azerbaijani, Uzbek since 1995.

We mainly do technical translations for the Eastern European market as well as for China, Japan, Korea, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. We also do legal and other translations in all languages offered, as well as software localisation of machinery and equipment and translation of iOS and Android apps.

As of March 2022, we are much occupied with translations into Ukrainian concerning the integration of Ukrainian refugees in Germany, such as leaflets and brochures from various German cities and authorities. Technical translations into Ukrainian are now taking a break. We and our Ukrainian translators are sure to get back to work soon.

We translate into these languages for you


from 0.15 € / word
Bulgarian from 0.11 € / word
Chinese from 0.13 € / word
Croatian from 0.11 € / word
Czech from 0.11 € / word
Estonian from 0.13 € / word
Hungarian from 0.12 € / word
Japanese from 0.13 € / word
Kasakh from 0.14 € / word
Latvian from 0.12 € / word
Lithuanian from 0.12 € / word
Polish from 0.11 € / word
Romanian from 0.11 € / word
Russian from 0.09 € / word
Serbian from 0.11 € / word
Slovak from 0.10 € / word
Slovenian from 0.11 € / word
Turkisch from 0.13 € / word
Ukrainian from 0.11 € / word

Only print-ready technical translations

The DTP department of Ost-Express ensures the delivery of print-ready documents and drawings and digital content of impeccable quality in all language combinations.

Technical translations for business and trade

Our translation agency for Eastern European and Asian languages puts all its experience of over 20 years at your disposal. We are not only very familiar with the languages of Eastern Europe and Asia, but also with the culture and traditions of these countries. 

The best idea of our capabilities can be found in projects carried out by our translation agency over the past few years. 

Thanks to our competence and reliability, we have become an important link between the Western European, Eastern European and Asian economies. Thanks to our specialisation in technical and legal translations, we supplement or replace the translation departments of many large and small companies.

Technical translations to clients in many languages 

The technical documentation we translate, often for complete plants from construction drawings to the smallest sign, is used in the construction of new plants such as woodworking plants in Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, Hungary, in Ukraine and in the modernisation of existing plants. Translations into Chinese are also mainly for large plants, such as those for natural gas extraction and oil processing. 

The most important facts about us in brief:

Preise   Stable unchanged prices for years for new and old customers
Formate   We translate in many formats besides MS Office: AutoCAD, Adobe Framemaker, Adobe InDesign, Apple Keynote ...
Partner   Project managers in Germany as your contact for all questions
Trados   CAT tools in use: SDL Trados Studio 2021, Across 7.0
Angebot   Quotation to customers within 30 minutes
Normen   High quality standards that exceed valid international quality standards
Normen   Expert translations on the topics of energy and energy production
Normen   Urgent translations for companies within the shortest time possible
Normen   TEP translations Ukrainian, Russian, Eastern European and Asian languages
Normen   MTPE translations Ukrainian, Russian, Eastern European and Asian languages
Normen   Software localisation of industrial software, PC software, iOS apps and Android apps
Normen   Translation agency for online shops

Our technical translation agency is a pure B2B company for Eastern Europe and Asia, i.e. we work almost exclusively with other companies as business clients. We do not translate documents such as passports, birth certificates, driving licences, etc. Please contact our colleagues.

Technical translations English, French, Spanish etc. are carried out by the translation agency Alexxtec - our parent company for technical translations. We speak German, English, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian.

Send us your request to info@ost-express.com, the offer will come immediately.

Don't pay too much elsewhere. Contact us.

From an organisational point of view, Ost-Express will belong to Alexxtec Translations as well as Techlinguist - Translations Mechanical Engineering from April 2022.